Artled Technology Corp.

Founded in 2001 in New Taipei City, ARTLED is committed to the future of LED lighting and is committed to the design and manufacture of LED lighting applications. The company’s strong R&D team has decades of accumulated experience in the development of LED lighting products. There are many technologies and patents including electronic circuit control, optical technology, heat dissipation mechanism and heat transfer system.

In our product design and development, we have considered the green environment from the very beginning, providing high-quality, high-performance, high-reliability energy-saving lighting products, enabling the next generation to have a healthier living environment and also for the lighting industry. Standards to create higher performance, more efficient products.

The company’s sales footprint covers the whole world, building exterior walls, indoor commercial space, garden landscape, special standard, signboard advertising, various achievements, perfect planning capabilities, good interactive services, quality and high-tech products, to fulfill customer needs. It is our responsibility to be duty-bound.